Leading-Edge Brainwave Biofeedback Technology

It is one thing to talk about “Being in The Zone,” it is quite another for students to be able to actually measure and see whether they are or not.

focus bandWelcome to the FocusBand, a revolutionary new biofeedback device (a band strapped around the head) that allows athletes to measure when the brain/body is in a stress mode or in a Zone-like state of flow and ease.

(Tim is one of a handful of instructors throughout the world now using this device with all of his private students.)

To use the FocusBand, we begin by sitting and experiencing states of calmness and allow the brain do its thing. Shortly we notice we can easily change our state of mind to a desired state using audio and visual feedback. This is Neurofeedback – the training of the brain.

We then can use the FocusBand to hit balls with the goal of sustaining this desired emotional state while performing in a calm, relaxed, focused state of mind.

The FocusBand is being used by many PGA and LPGA Tour players and is actively used and endorsed by Jason Day.