The Instructor Certification Process

Spirit of Golf’s Instructor Certification is a growing and highly-respected program for athletic coaches and instructors with a strong desire to learn, master, and teach the visionary tools and skills central to what we share.

Our certification program is not intended for the average instructor or coach. Instead, the program has been carefully designed for instructors who want to become “total coaches” (physical skill development plus mind game) in raising their proficiency to the highest standards of coaching excellence.

Each of our instructors is personally trained by Tim N. Kremer, M.A., president and founder of Spirit of Golf, as he takes leading-edge concepts from theory to practice in helping instructors find new ways to elevate coaching performance and success.  By delving into energy principles in both Quantum Physics and the metaphysical Law of Attraction (“mind over matter” and “thoughts become things“), Tim moves coaching far beyond what most swing instruction and sports psychology shares.

Our growing list of Certified Instructors continues to span the globe, and we strongly encourage you to contact any of our instructors to see how certification has benefited them.

Why a certification process?

Top coaches in golf and every sport know all too well that physical talent and skill can only take an athlete so far.  The feedback we frequently receive supports this view and reinforces our belief that most athletes who do not progress are limited not because of physical restrictions but from self-limiting habits that are the by-product of negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

It seems very few coaches disagree with the importance of a solid mind game in golf.  What is often missing, however, is a formal process that helps them effectively teach the mental and emotional sides of the game.

Our goal with certification is to help those who want to teach our leading-edge principles, whether for their students or themselves (many instructors who attend our events are as interested in improving their own games as they are in helping the students they coach).

Those who get certified develop a stronger, more empowered inner foundation as they learn new skills to coach and play. Swing instructors, too, will be able to add new skills to their teaching portfolios, with the goal of improving student performance while enhancing professional credibility and lesson revenue.

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Who is Spirit of Golf Instructor Certification for?

While certification is primarily geared toward coaches and instructors within the golf community, the skills are applicable to other sports as well.  For this reason, we encourage those who apply for certification to have a solid coaching background in any sport (whether at the high school, university, or professional level).

It is important to us that Instructor Certification is not just another “degree” that someone earns. We are strongly committed to making our Instructor Certification an incredibly powerful and prestigious program for those who are genuinely interested not only in teaching peak performance concepts to their students, but also in assimilating these practices and skills into their own games and lives.

We acknowledge that the initial commitment to the certification process in terms of time and cost is fairly substantial, yet we have found that those who are willing to commit wholeheartedly to the certification process do amazing things as they expand their coaching practices.

Those who become certified are immediately able to market themselves as “total instructors” with a tangible set of skills that few athletic coaches have, allowing them to share with students peak performance practices and techniques that are as tangible and effective as they are pioneering and unique.

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What is the process for certification?

The Spirit of Golf Certification Program consists of two parts:

  • Level 1 is a required Pre-Certification program that offers the necessary home study materials to give those interested in full certification a solid understanding of Spirit of Golf practices, skills, and techniques
  • Level 2 Instructor Certification is for those wishing to become fully certified and complete the certification process

Level 1: Pre-Certification

The certification process begins with participants receiving an e-download version of our Spirit of Golf books and audio products.  The concepts delivered in these materials include:

  • The Power of Thought, Emotion, and Belief
  • At the Level of Mind: From Meltdowns to Mastery
  • Ten Principles for Mental and Emotional Peak Performance
  • Tapping into the Field of Infinite Possibilities (“The Zone”)
  • Goal Setting and the Manifestation Process
  • Skills and Drills for Peak Performance

At the completion of the study period (the time frame is up to each student), a Spirit of Golf Level 1 Proficiency Exam will be administered.  The exam is not designed to be a test as much as to offer Tim feedback as to how he might best assist coaches with their development.

Level 2: Full Certification

Full Instructor Certification is the second segment of the Spirit of Golf curriculum. It is a 1 1/2 half day (12-hours), intensive, live program for instructors and coaches who have studied the Level 1 materials and successfully passed its Proficiency Exam.

The Instructor Certification program will combine classroom instruction with practice range and on-course skill development.  Participants will gain live, hands-on experience by working with a Spirit of Golf student as well as directly with Tim on their games.  Successful participants will receive “Spirit of Golf Certified Instructor Status.”

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How much does certification cost?

The total cost of Instructor Certification is $1,290, which is divided between Levels 1 and 2:

Level 1:

  • Contains required study materials and is designed for those who want to evaluate whether Instructor Certification is right for them before they invest in the additional time and cost required for full certification
  • Costs $295 and includes all Spirit of Golf print and audio materials.   This package includes a download of four Spirit of Golf books (Skills and Drills and our Thoughts of the Day series) as well as a link to our audio and brainwave music collection (10 total CDs).  A link to this package from Hightail will be emailed shortly after registration is received.
  • Each participant receives a 1/2 hour private phone consultation to answer questions about Instructor Certification.
  • Please note that Level 1 is a non-refundable package since a great amount of proprietary Spirit of Golf coaching information is shared.
  • Prior to attending Level 2 Instructor Certification, participants are required to successfully pass the Level 1 Proficiency Exam.

Level 2:

  • Should participants decide to continue on to full Instructor Certification, the remaining cost is $995
  • Participants must attend a 1 1/2 day certification program (either in Florida or Tim will travel to their location) in which they will take part in 12 hours of live classroom and on-course instruction.

Certified Instructors will also receive the following additional benefits:

  • A Certified Instructor listing on the Spirit of Golf website (for a listing of our current Certified Instructors, click here)
  • The ability to conduct a Spirit of Golf Golf School alongside Tim and earn a portion of the revenue
  • A limited ability to use Spirit of Golf branding and the Spirit of Golf logo in advertising, collateral materials, and personal apparel
  • The ability to buy Spirit of Golf products at a discounted rate for personal use or re-sale
  • Access to continuing education as it becomes available from Spirit of Golf

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Who do I contact to discuss if Instructor Certification is a viable option for me?

To discuss if Instructor Certification is a viable option for you, contact Tim directly at: 772-879-1978.  To register for Levels 1 or 2, click here.

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