The Spirit of Golf Coaching Philosophy

Each of us has known athletes and those from many walks of life with incredible talent and ability who find ways to self-destruct because of sabotaging attitudes and beliefs.  Likewise, others with seemingly average and ordinary potential have risen to unbelievable levels of success, less because of raw talent and skill than inner qualities such as inspiration, vision, imagination, and desire.

At Spirit of Golf, it is our strong belief that the ability to thrive and excel ultimately relates to our self-talk and the stories we consistently tell ourselves.  Through the “energy” of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs we send instructions to the body for how it is about to move, something that happens first and foremost not on a physical level but at the level of mind.

Tangible Skills. Proven Performance.

What separates Spirit of Golf from most sports psychology programs is the innovative way we blend and assimilate the mind game into the swing. In golf and every sport, the real action takes place not just during the time it takes to swing and hit – where most instruction is focused – but during the pre- and post-shot routines.

Before.  During.  After.  Give us 10 seconds and we will show you how to focus in a way that allows you to dramatically improve both your golf game and your life.