Audio Workshop Series (3-Part Set)


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All thought and emotion is highly powerful and creative. This cannot be said enough. Whatever we think, feel, and believe – positive or negative, wanted or unwanted, happy or sad – is immediately activated inside every cell, muscle, and joint, showing up in the body as calmness and flow or tension, resistance and “dis-ease.”  The body simply cannot lie to itself, making movement the manifestation of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs.

In  this three-part audio series, Spirit of Golf President Tim N. Kremer, M.A. discusses the mental, emotional, and psychological aspects of golf and other sports from the perspective of the incredible power of the mind. You’ll learn more about the illusions of anxiety and fear and the often non-often addictive looping of thoughts and emotions in the brain, and most importantly, how you can begin to redirect your mind so that you begin “running the show” – rather than having the show run you.

Recorded live at a Spirit of Golf workshop and later remastered, this 3-Part Audio Series includes all three Spirit of Golf audio CDs – The Incredible Power of Thought, Emotion, and Belief (CD 1), The Field of Infinite Possibilities (CD 2), and Practices, Skills, and Techniques (CD 3).

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